Good food, that is really what life is all about don’t you agree? This trip to Cefalù was all about La Dolce Vita. Cefalù is a little tiny place on Sicily with greek and arabic influences. Besides the amazing Dolce & Gabbana lace dresses, Sicily is known for the amazing (I mean AMAZING) food.

To be honest, for a young couple like me and my fiance (23 and 25) there is not much to do in this little place besides eating and enjoying the sun. We were staying in the apartment Historico. Our apartment had a breathtaking view over the crystal clear blue sea and the apartment was located between the local residence. Exactly how I imagined booking this trip !

When you visit Cefalù I recommend you to eat at least lunch ánd dinner at La Trinacria. This restaurant is also a little shop where you can go for local delicacies and food groceries. They sell delicious pharmaham and crispy bread. The chef makes the best pasta’s in the world. I promise, I cried a little of happiness.









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