Bali is one of my favorite places in the world. I love the people, the food and of course the (almost) always sunny weather. My ancestry is partly from Indonesia and I always feel a deep connection with the locals. Our last time  in Bali was a relaxed holiday. We didn’t attend a lot of trips or tours but really enjoyed lounging, tanning, cruising, strolling trough the streets and of course, eating.

Seminyak is one of the more upscale places with many high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants and bars. Here you can find luxury accommodations and many beach clubs. Seminyak is much more laid back and easy going then Kuta in my opinion. It’s not as busy on the beach and shopping in these streets is very relaxed. No magic mushrooms for sure ! This place is perfect when you want to experience Jet Set and when you want to spend a little more Roepia (IDR) then the usual.

When we were strolling around Seminyak we walked by this very cute restaurant  Eat Well (Raya Basangkasa No.36). We deciced to give it a try and oh boy ! We ate the best babi kuling I ever tasted and my love for Lychee Ice-Tea only grew bigger. After this lunch I remember us taking a  spontaneous ride back to Sanur from a local on his way home instead of the taxi. Moments like this always turn out to be the most memorable.





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