Wow, time flies when you are having fun but also when you work a lot. I have not posted for almost a year but now I’m back in business and I have some catching up to do ! First of all, a little throwback to Marmaris where I have been last October. To be honest, this was not really one of my favorite places I have ever been. I’ve have been to Turkey a few times before and I have to say, I’m  a shopaholic and Marmaris is not the place to be for shopping. Besides that, I did found a few hotspots to eat and below is my favorite.

Moon is a cute restaurant on the boulevard near the beach that serves delicious food and cocktails with the best service. The waiters are very sweet and kind and at night the terrace on the pier is super romantic. In the 8 days I visited Marmaris we have been here 4 times. For lunch and dinner. They serve fried ice-cream which seems to be a trending dessert (I’m not a fan) but I’m sticking to the frozen Daiquiri, Yum!





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