I’ve been to Paris many times and it never gets boring. The last 4 times I’ve gone together with my boyfriend and last time we did some homework for our shopping route ! Usually we just go there and see where we end up but this can be very frustrating because A; you get lost. B; You have no idea where you are going since you have no final destination and C: I’m always hungry at this point.

This time I wanted to make sure we would see all the places we wanted to see and we would not be fighting in the City of L-o-v-e. My first tip is to make a shopping route in your google maps account and to save this on your account. Then you download the area on your phone and you can use this map offline on your phone while walking around in the city.

We started our shopping Session at Galleries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann and parked our car in the garage (no, this is not a tip because I rather spend 41,50 euro on something else but hey!) and then we went to the luxury shopping street Saint Honoré and made our first shop at the beautiful shop Louboutin. I mean, do I need to explain?

My boyfriend is a big sneaker freak so we always have a few addresses we need to see when we are in Paris and off course I planned these on our route. After lunch we found our way to Le Marais, also a big shopping street with many mainstream brands but also cute little boutiques in the side streets. This seems to be the place to be at this moment! After this it was around 17:00 and  we went back to Galleries Lafayette and we bought shoes  picked up our car, to drive back home to our hometown.



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